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General aim of the project

The concept of the project was developed by three out of six partners of the project "Mentoring between teachers in secondary and high schools" i.e. KCZIA from Poland, UNIVERSITATEA LUCIAN BLAGA DIN SIBIU - The Teacher Training Department - Sibiu (Romania) and The Directorate of Secondary Education of Fthiotida Prefecture (DDE) - Lamia (Greece). These three partners decided to extend the consortium of next three partner.

The concept/model of the Teacher - Leader is innovative as well, such as the topic of the training for teachers who wish to become leaders. There are certainly many trainings on leadership, but most of them are dedicated for the entrepreneurs and representatives of business or other organizations (institutions), group leaders, etc., but they are not completely relevant to the specifics of school's environment. It is important to consider that the teacher leader will perform his/her role among teachers at the same level and will collaborate with the headmaster. Both the model of such leadership and the training must take this perspective into account. We can say that the results of the project are innovative.

There two main target groups of our project:groups

    • The teachers in primary and secondary schools and the primary and secondary schools’ management. This group are the direct users of our project’s results and products.

    • The other users of our project’s results and products: the teachers trainers and teachers training centers (institutions) , who will organize the trainings for teachers using the materials prepared in our project - Training Kit.


    Main aim with regards to the achievement of the project objectives:

    to research and finalize the training course that can be used during the pilot phase,

    methodological preparation of the trainers to conduct the training for teachers - learners during the pilot phase,

    preparing the trainers to the evaluation of training results and findings.